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Discover innovative and creative ways to incorporate hemp into your daily life, from cooking to crafting.


Recipe Calculator

Incorporating hemp products into your culinary creations? This tool is here to guide you. Input the strength of your oil or tincture, the total amount used in the recipe, and the number of servings. The calculator will tell you how much infused and uninfused oil to use for your desired dosage per serving. Happy cooking!

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Prep Tips

CBD Beverages

You can infuse teas, coffees, or even cocktails with CBD tinctures or oils.
For better solubility in beverages, consider using water-soluble CBD products.

Sweet Edibles

CBD can be incorporated into desserts like brownies, cookies, and gummies.
Remember, sugary and fatty foods can mask any earthy flavors from the hemp.

Savory Edibles

Consider integrating CBD oil into savory dishes like soups, sauces, or dressings.
CBD-infused olive oil can be a versatile ingredient for Mediterranean dishes.

Tincture Tips

When using tinctures in cooking, ensure you account for the alcohol content. It can affect the taste and consistency of your dish.
Tinctures can be a quick way to add CBD to a dish without the need for extended cooking or preparation.

Dosing Edibles

It’s essential to calculate the amount of CBD in each serving accurately. This ensures you don’t consume too much or too little.
Consider using the dosage calculator you’ve set up to assist with this.

Taste Testing

Before serving CBD-infused dishes to guests, always taste-test first.
Adjust seasoning and flavors as needed to ensure a pleasant culinary experience.