Relief the way nature intended

Jennifer started a pet grooming salon in Raleigh back in 2014, which become very successful, and back in 2018 she began selling CBD products for dogs and cats in the salon.  The products were so effective and popular that she and Brent decided to open a store dedicated to Hemp and CBD products.  Nature’s Releaf was conceived in early 2019, and by June, the store opened and hit the ground running.  The store has since received stellar reviews online, and caters to people from all walks of life.  Nature’s Releaf has been very well received by the public, because of it’s clean appearance and friendly knowledgeable staff.  We aim to educate people about the benefits of CBD and Hemp as a natural alternative for stress relief, pain relief, anxiety relief, focus and overall well being. 

Brent and Jennifer’s vision for the store was a place that would be comfortable and inviting to people that might be reluctant to come into a Hemp store, and we are striving the break the stigma that clouds this industry.  We have a diverse clientele, ranging from young college age students struggling with anxiety, to senior citizens that need relief from age-related pain, and everyone in between.   The store has the widest selection of CBD and Hemp products in the Raleigh area.  Our products are all compliant with all State and Federal laws, and we hold our vendors to the highest standard for quality and consistency.  All of our products have the necessary lab testing paperwork, or we won’t carry it.